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Feed your brain

Everything revolves around the brain, the most powerful organ in the body. The brain is the center of the controls; he controls all the functions of the body. But unfortunately, it is often taken for granted.
We do not normally associate the brain with flu, premenstrual syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome or weight gain, but the brain controls everything!
When the brain is not properly nourished, when our diet does not have everything it needs to function optimally, it can not perform the crucial functions that control our health and well-being. It may seem simple to think that, while nourishing our body, we also do the same for our brain, but this is often not the case!
The brain is a very sensitive and sophisticated organ that requires special "food" for optimal performance. We all know that the brain needs oxygen and glucose to function properly, but what does it really need?
Amino acids are the most basic building blocks of the body's proteins. Not only do they make up nearly 20% of our weight, but they are essential to life. They form our muscles, our tendons, our glands, our organs, our nails and our hair. In addition to ensuring the growth, repair and maintenance of the cells of all known living things, they regulate our sleep, our mood and our vitality.
Much like a car in which we would not put the right kind of fuel, the functioning of the human body becomes compromised when it suffers from a deficiency in one or more of its essential nutrients.
Of the 20 amino acids required for body function, 8 are called "essential amino acids". These can not be produced by the body, so we must find them in our diet, it is unfortunately poor in these elements for a large majority of North Americans.
This is why Neuroceutik has targeted these 8 amino acids to create the NK range: revolutionary pharmaceutical grade supplements to directly feed our famous control center!




What the body can only get from external sources that help our brain function are called "functional amino acids". They work hard and tireless on our behalf to ensure that our brain has everything it needs to function optimally.

This network of free-form functional amino acids moves from the blood to the brain, ie they cross the blood-brain barrier and feed different families of neurotransmitters. This is what we call brain food: NEURO-NUTRITION.



Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that circulate information of all kinds between neurons. This cerebral chemistry, which controls thought, sensation and behavior, can, when it is unbalanced, be at the origin of many ailments and so many diseases.

Our current world is generating a lot of stress. This is one of the reasons why the modern man consumes many stimulants, soothing and antidepressants. This need often seems trivial: coffee in the morning to be in shape during the day, a little alcohol in the evening to relax.

The pharmaceutical industry has fully exploited this new market and it can be seen that anxiolytics (to calm down), hypnotics (for sleeping) and antidepressants (for morale) are among the most prescribed drugs. In addition to the side effects of these treatments, they are not suitable because we have not often asked the right question beforehand.

What is the source of my discomfort?

Very frequently, these mood disorders, this lack of performance of our mind, or more generally "the malaise" can come from a deficiency of brain neurotransmitters.

Neuroceutik is therefore an excellent alternative to medication. Why stay "functional" on medication when you can be "optimal" with a natural and affordable method?



Despite the fact that medical students are taught that the brain controls the rest of the body, few doctors care about this important organ when they treat their patients. If the transfer of information at the brain level is primarily an electrical phenomenon (measurable by electroencephalogram), we must not forget that the billions of neurons in our brain do not touch each other and it is precisely by this tiny space between two neurons (called synapse) that the passage of information is done through neurotransmitters.

In addition, depending on the neurotransmitter used, the information will be different or modified. We understand better why we compare the action of these chemical mediators of our brain to that of the hormones on our body. As you get older, the rate of neurotransmitters often goes down. Our behavior, our mood and our intellectual performance (memory, etc.) suffer. And this alteration of our brain chemistry also has an impact on our physical balance.

Neuroceutik supplements are like ships carrying important updates for our mainframe computer ... A revolutionary way to create new connections in our brain to optimize our physical and mental health in everyday life.



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