NK-LEARN 3 months bundle – Neuroceutik
NK-LEARN 3 months bundle

NK-LEARN 3 months bundle

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Every product of Neuroceutik is optimal on a period of 3 months. So, let the special blend of amino acids of NK-LEARN improve your cognitive functions!

The brain is the most strong and powerful organ, but it still needs a hand sometimes, especially if our lifestyle isn't perfect (which is the case of almost everyone!). 

3 months of NK-LEARN will drastically enhance your memory and recall as well as intellectual capabilities and will improve learning difficulties. As with every NK product, the blends of amino acids improve and maintain you overall health.

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The NK-LEARN is a well-selected blend of neutral amino acids to act on the relation Dopamine-Acetylcholine, in the presence of Lecithin.

Natural Product Number (NPN) of Santé Canada: 80065213